Parent-Child Piano Workshop

Everything You Need to Know to Play Your First Song At The Piano

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Students from around the globe have benefited from Carly Seifert's interactive, step-by-step and comprehensive approach to learning to play the piano.

Drawing on her years of piano teaching as well as her own experiences as a mom, Carly created the Busy Kids Do Piano and Busy Moms Do Piano online piano lesson programs. With thousands of students of all ages from all over the world, Carly shows that finances, time and mobility don't have to be a barrier to access a quality piano lesson program. 

In this interactive parent-child workshop, you'll learn...

  • Rhythm - what it means and how to count quarter, half and whole notes
  • Keyboard geography - where notes are located on the piano
  • Piano technique - the basics on good form when playing the piano
  • Why a relational approach to learning to play the piano is SO IMPORTANT


By the end of our time together, your child will be able to play her first song at the piano!